Super Powers For Sale!

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If you could be a super human what would be your powers and why?  Many would say super human strength or immortality . My powers would be not to fear the unknown. One of the challenges in life many…

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A Woman’s Worth

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In today’s society; some might argue that it is hard to find that ideal wife of a noble character

You kno…the woman so beautifully portrayed in the 31st verse of Proverbs

Well, I would totally agree

But when I open my pretty brown eyes and I see that Even through the different shades of violence  Unbarred fornication and blasphemy  that has spread across the nations

And hate crimes
And robberies
And family rivalries
And community desolation
And wars with political agendas
And even with the devil’s advocate as her governor
Working against every card she plays
She still strives to be a godly woman
To be the virtuous woman

She still uses her wisdom as a guide to turn all the negative affluence and messages of the world upside down- inside out and right side up again

She still teaches her children about their Father
And how to live according to His Word

What about when her  whole world crashes down in a matter of seconds

And the lights get shut off and the water turns cold
She still finds herself resourceful

Even when the network of social media and other paraphernalia looking at her face to face and pulls so hard to overcrowd her mind- her judgment – her spirit…

She still perseveres to be different and unique and positive role model

Even through all of society shenanigans
She still reaches out to help those in need

She creates a web of constant love and spreads it thru everyone around her
She is not afraid to lead by example and praise her God

Even her Instagram pics are carefully thought out and beautifully depicts a virtuous woman

She is a wife; a mother; a single mother; a daughter; a business woman

Yes!  she still exists ~And ~ Yes! she still rises

Through this whole world’s transformation converted n diverted from time, time that has taken us thru so much pain and so much happiness

Even now today-

She is still  the Virtuous woman and she will continue to arrive

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Saturday Morning

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Saturday Morning
My little Boys wake me with a Kiss
And with this kiss I feel the gift of unconditional love
With this kiss our hearts are synced
Our thoughts are bound and together
Together everything else seems at ease
With this kiss life Is full of joy and light
Saturday Morning
My little Boys  wake me with a Kiss
So full of wonder and truth
The slightest bit of love helps to understand
How much they are the future
They hold the future of the world in their hands
It brings to light the responsibility I have as a mother to raise him right
And so our adventure begins
They deserve so much
An education is a must
Yes true friends they shall have
Loyality and respect will instill in their soul
Fun they shall share the most
With success he shall grow
Saturday Morning
My little Boys wake me with a Kiss
And with this kiss our new life begins


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Keep your head up beautiful
Take heed of your own strength
Trust in the Lord and you’ll find trust within yourself
Let out those tears do not hold them in, my love
Release all your fears and doubts
Give them to God and you will see
Keep your head up beautiful
Yes I’m talking to you
The clouds will clear
And the mountains will be moved by the heavens, Just for you
Think about all that is good and shout it out, Shout it out so loud like a eagle clawing it way to freedom
Keep your head up beautiful
And your nightmares will become dreams
Anything and everything is at your feet
Take heed and conquer
Keep your head up beautiful

Here I am My Friend

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Here I am My Friend.

Tunnel Vision

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Tunnel Vision.

Tunnel Vision

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There on the corner of misery and insanity is a young girl full of curiousity
locked away on this corner
looking for a way out
Always seeing a glimps of the light at the end
the constent continum of geting lost as she gets closer and closer to that light…as she passes by love and trust she nearly kicks over beauty and run straight into the darkness of pain…pitch black for a while and overwhelmed with pity and self doubt
And yet she could still see a glimsp of light at the end  she pushes thru thick darkness with a forced smile on her face…whispering among her self “we shall soon meet, my light”
As her confidence rises her vision expands and little by little her perspective  changes
As time passes by
that little girl on the corner of miserey and insansity
finally meets with love and wisdom  as she hears a soft whisper ” welcome home my child” she can finally see her light with the most sincere smile across her face

*** Never give up no matter what past you come from 🙂

Here I am My Friend

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Here I am my friend
My friend of lost soul
Your pain is deep
Deep down within an invisible vein
Im here to show my love
And share my wealth fulfilled with wisdom
My Lord and your Father has sent me
Let me help you smile again
Can you see Sincerity
So clear and visible you might think its naive
Can you feel the intesity of power and since of stability?
Let us remedy the injustic caused by the sorrow embedded within life
And guide each other on this special conquest
You are my arms
And I your feet
We will become insync
Unstoppable- shielded by gold armor of faith
We shall be inspired and
encourage truth
The truth of trust & loyalty
Truth of not feeling void
Here I am my friend
My friend of lost soul
Im here to show my love

Thoughts Romin’


Sittin’ here pen in hand

Mind goin’ a thousand places

Thoughts romin’ everywhere

Just wanna be me

No ill will

No drama

Waitin’ for a sign

A figure of truth

An object of Emotion

Wanna blurt out true feeling

Bound by chains thru the years

The objectivity of change is amazing in so many ways

The hardest thing to do is jumping

Jumping with nothin but faith

No Science

No predication

Just Faith

What a wonderful life  surrounded by gravity

Full of  so many opportunities, love, kindness

hate, greed, injustice,

selfish desires

The weight of good and evil so off balance

A world full of options

Limited by misfitted choices

Thank God, everything that is broken can be fixed

Sittin’ here pen in hand

Mind going a thousands places

Thoughts romin everywhere

Stand Quiet

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I see those tears my friend

Take my hand and let’s go home

I know it feels like

The tears of the moon

Runnin’ so deeply

Feelin so vulnerable

So weak and So done

I see those tears my friend

Take my hand and let’s go home

We can sit by the fire

Drink some warm apple cider

And just stand quiet

So you can hear the joy of night

The Lord speaking like a strong blue mountain

A crisp wind seeking new friends

The grass flowing so smoothly

So you can hear the crickets smiling

And the flowers singing

Let’s go home my friend

And just stand quiet

Let the night guide you to true joy

Where all of your fears dissolve

All your enemies disappear

All of man’s creation doesn’t matter anymore

Let the night influence your tears

And guide you to true joy

Let’s go home, my friend

Just stand quiet

And you can hear the Lord speaking

Speaking to his lovely creation

Stand quiet my friend.

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